About Us

True to our name Treasures, we offer exclusive stoles, shawls and scarves for bridal, fashion, vintage or any occasion. Each is meticulously hand made in crochet using the finest quality yarn, whether it be luxurious Cashmere or its equivalent rival Alpaca.

Exclusive wedding shawls and stoles, in the finest cashmere, embellished with french lace, fur, Swarovski elements, pearls, etc. to suit any outfit and make your day that much more special.Treasures for keeping

Fashion Shawls either vintage or for parties, each embellished or plain to make any outfit stand out and look elegant.

Treasures our environment and social structure is of great importance to us. We aim to provide jobs for the local community, as well as share our proceeds with those less fortunate than us within our society. In our daily life we see a kaleidoscope of colors, yet many are not so fortunate. Treasures helps a local school for the blind and handicapped children. Each shawl or stole made helps towards education for these children.

We wish to thank our patrons who have supported us in our venture and have contributed towards educating blind children. We wish to announce that as of now we have been able to provide these children with braille books and slates with which they can learn.